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Involves distributional consumption, implying that final consumption is contingent to delivery to the consumer. As such, e-commerce is related to new forms of demands and new forms of urban distribution with a growth in the home deliveries of parcels. Large online retailers such as Amazon and Flipkart have been able to capture a significant share of e-commerce. While the concerned volumes were relatively small, the diffusion of information technologies has impacted the urban distribution structure of retail goods. This has been accompanied by a growth of parcel deliveries but also higher rates of delivery failures (e.g. consignee not at home). Online purchases are also characterized a higher rate of returns, implying reverse distribution strategies. E-commerce is therefore shaping a new urban freight delivery system where the distribution centers of e-retailers is playing a greater role. E-commerce provides convenience and ease of access to its customers and yet, logistics is its main pain point.

Common Problems

  • Providing an efficient on demand system for sellers to ensure availability of vehicles to move material to the local eCommerce Mother hub
  • Satisfying sudden peaks in demand (typically during Big sale days).
  • Having truckers adhere to appointment times at the Mother hub.
  • Locating addresses of final delivery customer
  • High percentage of returns

The Fallout

  • High cost of local logistics for sellers leading to further pressure on their margins
  • Reliance on unverified vendors to fulfill peak demand leading to higher costs and decrease in fulfillment rates.
  • Congestion at Mother hub leading to payment of halt charges.
  • Higher cost of delivery due to lesser number of last mile deliveries made by truck (for large box items) and bikes.

How we can help you

Reliable intra-city movement

Real-time tracking of goods allows manufacturers to be in control of distribution.

Trucker authentication

Instavans only works with 100% verified drivers so that liability is near-zero and loss of time and goods is no longer an issue. This guarantees happy customers every time.

Digital documentation

All information is available on an easy-to-learn and easy-to-use interface with very little prior training necessary, making the medium cost and time-effective.

Enhanced transparency

Real time connect with shippers improves demand, visibility, and earnings for truckers and allows shippers to correct possible pitfalls ahead of time.


Economical solutions for intra-city road transport leading to lowering of overall charges.


Timely delivery of goods and promised goods being available at points of sale, thus creating loyal customers.

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