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3PLs (3rd Party Logistics Providers) offer tailor made solutions to businesses looking to outsource their supply chain management. This can extend to any part of the supply chain like physical movement, clearing and forwarding etc. In the context of warehousing and distribution it would typically entail receiving goods, warehousing, pick and pack services, kitting and further distribution down the supply chain.

Common Problems

  • Catering to an increased complexity of end distribution points covering General Trade, Modern Trade & eCommerce.
  • Further complexity added to the mix with the advent of Omni channel.
  • Satisfying sudden spikes in demand: month, quarter and year end. Festivals and Sales
  • Dependence on local trucking companies for last mile movement to Distributors (General Trade), Modern Trade & eCommerce Warehouses.
  • Zero visibility on location of vehicles
  • Manual paperwork issued by local trucking company

The Fallout

  • Increased operational cost leading to lower margins for the 3PL
  • Reliance on unverified vendors to fulfill peak demand leading to higher costs and decrease in fulfillment rates.
  • High waiting times at delivery points leading to increase in costs.
  • High management cost due to deluge of manual paperwork (Trip sheets, Lorry Receipts etc.).

How we can help you

Real-time trucking and auditing

Tracking and tracing in real-time to optimize routing and auditing approaches so that the client is always in control.

Trucker authentication

Instavans only works with 100% verified drivers so that liability is near-zero and loss of time and goods is no longer an issue and guarantees happy customers every time.

Digital documentation

All information is available on an easy to learn and easy to use interface with very little prior training necessary, making the medium cost and time effective.

Enhanced transparency

Real time connect with shippers improves demand visibility and earnings for truckers and allows shippers to correct possible pitfalls ahead of time.

Manage multiple projects (clients)

Easily manage billing and shipment tracking for different clients at the same time.

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