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Why is it important to have Verified Drivers for intra-city Shipments?


Proper handling and dispatching of belongings and packages have always been a concern for businesses. Many times when we are shifting our residence, one of the family members accompany the logistics vehicle just to ensure that the belongings are safe and that it is being delivered at the right address. In business, we face similar issues with small and large consignments. In a big city, considering for example mini-truck booking in Bangalore, the fear of theft, tampering, and the probability of some anti-social activities loom over our head when we need to send shipments. This is because we are unsure of the people who are in charge of the shipment. Also, there is no formal way to reach out in the case of an unfortunate incidence. This was mainly because until recently transport and logistics was categorized under unorganized sector. The development of logistics as an organized sector is a very recent story. And as it is becoming more and more organized, customer concerns are being heeded to and measures are taken to tackle untoward incidents. One such significant measure is employing verified drivers.

Logistics companies are highly dependent upon their staff, especially drivers. A trustworthy driver increases the credibility of a logistics company and at the same time garners reliability of customers. Customers become entirely dependent on the driver because they trust their shipment with this individual. The driver becomes the on-ground representative of the company. There have been many instances where theft by drivers during transit of goods has made the news. Such unfortunate news makes us think more than twice before engaging a particular company for shipment. These incidences, even more, make it crucial to employ verified drivers for intra-city shipments.

A verification process ensures complete background check of drivers. It brings to fore his demographic details like permanent and temporary residential proof, age, gender, marital status, and socioeconomic status. During the check, aspects like previous employment record, and mandatory documents like driver’s license are sought. Further, any history of legal or moral deviation also gets established. Thus, the driver verification process puts the company in a clearer light whether or not to hire a particular applicant. Customers too are at much comfort to get their shipment assigned to a verified driver. As there is a direct relation between the success of a logistics company and the trust of customers, it’s important to have verified drivers for intra-city shipments as well as inter-city shipments.

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