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A Day in the Life of an Instavans Driver

Truck driving is a career choice like any other; however, truckers need to follow a lifestyle completely tailored around their job. Transport services vary across the big cities; we explore transport services in Bangalore. Let’s follow Manjunath through a typical day as an Instavans driver.

8 am: Manjunath starts his day early so as to make the most of his time on the road. He settles into his truck and turns on the Instavans app.

Transport Services In Bangalore - Instavans

8.15 am: Manjunath gets his first assignment through the Instavans app. He gets the pick-up location with turn-by-turn navigation on the app.

Best Trucking Companies Bangalore - Instavans


8:30 am: Manjunath reaches the pick-up location and his truck is loaded.

Transport Services In Bangalore - Instavans


8:45 am: Manjunath enters all invoices into the app. He enters the actual number of packages loaded and matches with the packages entered in the invoices. He verifies all the invoices and prints the receipt.

Transport Services In Bangalore - Instavans


10: 30 am: Manjunath reaches the drop-off location with the help of the navigation system on his Instavans app. The shipment is unloaded.

Transport And Logistics - Instavans


11 am: He checks the actual number of packages delivered. The receiver verifies and gives Manjunath a five star rating.

11.30 am: Manjunath gets his next assignment and he’s back on the road again.

Partnering with Instavans has helped Manjunath improve his business. His schedule is more flexible as he can choose the assignments he wants to take up. His truck is better utilized and his payments come in on time, by working for one the best trucking companies in Bangalore. In this way, Instavans aims to offer truckers a better quality of life.

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