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10 tips to transform shipper-trucker relationships.

Regular status updates, timely deliveries, and payment transparency are the cornerstones of healthy shipper-trucker relationships. Maintaining these relations are very important as they are key foundations of business productivity and profitability. Let’s take a deeper look into transforming trucker-shipper relationships.

1) Consistency Is Key
In today’s logistics market, it’s very difficult to find reliable drivers. Sticking to a consistent team of drivers will help you maintain and regulate operational costs. It will also help your drivers understand the value of your business and in turn avoid disappointments from their end.
2) Build Lasting Relations
Trust is something that builds over time, but you should consider having an open mind. Follow through responsibilities and work towards a winning model. Sometime it’s not easy to find good freight carriers, and hence it’s important to maintain long term relationships. This will also help in streamlining transportation costs.

3) Create A Transparent Model
Provide accurate information such as tonnage, freight characteristics, monthly requirements, and volumes. This will help your trucker plan a proper delivery schedule, drop-off points, and routes.

4) Give Recognition
Once in a while everyone needs a pat on the back! You can introduce incentive-based recognition programs for truckers. This will boast their morale and spread the spirit of competition amongst other drivers. And competition is always good for business.

5)Listen Up
It’s important to have an open conversation to avoid any type of misunderstanding. The conversation should lead to a win-win situation. It will also encourage healthy shipper-trucker relationships.

6) Money Matters
Timely payment is the pillars of a solid shipper-trucker relationship. No transparency and tedious payment methods usually lead to a sour dead end relationship.

7) Provide Accurate Information
All information should be clearly communicated to all the drivers. Sometimes lack of communication and misleading information leads to a logistic nightmare.

8) Be Thankful
Being grateful with an encouraging attitude and it will take you places. A little positive vibe can do wonders for a shipper-driver relationship.

9) Communicate More
Make sure you communicate frequently and provide clear status updates about the delivery. The more you communicate the better it is for businesses.

10) Plan Every Detail
Getting down to finer details really helps in the long-run. This will help you avoid careless mistakes with paper work, while saving time & money at the same time.
Instavans is one such solution that connects shipper and truckers seamlessly on a single platform. This platform allows real-time tracking and routing options. Transparent payment options and online documentation makes Instavans the go-to platform for both shipper and truckers. Need a fleet of trucks? With Instavans, it’s only a click away.

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