The Instavans Idea
The Instavans Idea

Instavans is the leading platform for connecting local shippers and local truckers in real-time within the city. The local trucking industry is extremely fragmented and lends itself well to a technology-enabled marketplace; both with respect to aggregating a highly fragmented supply market and applying technology to an otherwise paper and pencil industry. It is also a huge market, currently estimated to be USD 15 bn in India alone. Did you know that trucks move around 2 billion tons of freight domestically in India every year? That’s close to 60% of all freight tonnage transported in the India including rail, maritime, and air. That’s an astounding amount of stuff – India would be crippled without trucks. And it’s getting even bigger. As with other transportation sectors, local trucking correlates well with the macro market and industry revenues are expected to increase as consumer spending and industrial production increases.

Despite being a massive industry, the market remains extremely fragmented with no dominant players in the industry. Independent trucking companies operating fleets of 1-5 trucks primarily serve local markets. These small companies account for 80% of market revenue. Even the largest companies have no more than 50 vehicles in their fleet. These large companies often do not own their whole fleet, but rather contract out to independent owner-operators. By aggregating a large number of local truck operators, Instavans will be building a virtual fleet larger than any other local provider. By offering an on-demand platform that offers price transparency, speed to delivery, and a better end-to-end experience for both shippers and truckers, Instavans is increasing the efficiency of supply and demand matching between them.

Traditionally, shippers spent hours calling through their Rolodex of trucking companies to find trucks with open capacity, while trucking companies struggle to market their availability. The Instavans platform will be offered as a web and mobile app (Android and iOS) and will have 5 key innovations to address these market inefficiencies:

Real-time platform to connect shippers and truckers, with automatic dispatch

Real-time tracking and tracing to optimize routing

Payments processing

Online documentation to simplify paperwork for each pickup

Reduction of travel distance by matching the closest truck to the next job

A greener transportation ecosystem within urban areas

The team behind Instavans is a killer combination of both tech know-how and deep domain expertise in the trucking industry. We believe that Vinay Goyal, Sanjay Shah and the whole team at Instavans are poised to become the next big thing in B2B transportation logistics.



CEO & Founder

Vinay drives the strategic direction and execution at Instavans. Previously, he ran South Eastern Roadways, a leading supply chain management and transportation company in India, for over 20 years. He has extensive experience in logistics, supply chain management, warehousing, transportation and freight forwarding. He has also been the Chapter Chairperson of leading industry associations, Entrepreneur’s Organization (2005) and Young Presidents Organization (YPO) (2013). Vinay is a Mechanical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Chennai.


CTO & Founder

Sanjay drives the technology and product development at Instavans. Previously, he was the CEO of Skelta Software (which got acquired by Invensys, now a part of Schneider). He has co-founded Zapty Inc, Everest Software (acquired by Versata) and Accel Computers (acquired by Mantech Corp). He has over 25 years of management and product development experience in multiple platforms and computing environments. He is also a member of board of directors at Sasken, of YPO/WPO as part of Bangalore chapter’s executive committee, iSpirt, TiE and NASSCOM. Sanjay has an MS in Computer Science from Virginia Tech and B.Tech. in Aerospace Engg. from IIT Mumbai.



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