Real Time Tracking and Notifications

CarrierTMSTM offers real-time visibility of your vehicles through GPS and device tracking, thus having pin point accuracy of the exact positions of your assets in the field.

Route Planner

Optimizes your routes and find the shortest distance between multiple stops so that you so you spend less time driving and more time doing.

Barcode Scanning

Scan barcodes on packages and palettes to provide error-free input and less manual data entry

Electronic Documentations

Signature, e-PODs and invoices are some of the mandatory information that drivers need to update, ensuring a deception free process.


This is complemented by accurate time and distance analytics on the platform to better monitor your assets and spot outliers in their path time and distance.

Switch Over Assets

The user has the option to switch over on-field assets to Instavans, to further drive efficiency and utilization.



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